A brief explanation of the concept: Ramo was a fighting leader among certain tribes on Malaya in the Solomon Islands. Remo
Was recognized when he killed a rival in a personal battle, meaning that there was a stamp in every battle to which he was caught and thereby created
He has a reputation as a hero among the tribe.
In the context of the collection Ramo is a collection that came to present my struggle and chose as a person first and then
an artist.
Today it's harder to be an artist in a company when the framework around you tries to close you down in every way
The creative.
Ie, without paying attention to a person who enters the world, at the beginning of his path, enters the frame and from there to another frame
Curiosity and the desire to investigate are denied and if you are an artist you feel a kind of "freak" in society.
My Ramo was the will to stay me against all odds, even if it meant being socially aroused.
For me art is my truth when no one can deny it to me, that's my privilege.
So I present you with my collection called "Ramo" in which I present all the weapons I used
In them to keep my truth.